olom-class pirate ships are a very old type of ship wich is still used by various pirates yet it is mostly used by the Vharizi republic's fleet. This led to various disputes and tensions between the Vharizi republic and the Intergalactic federation.

Weapons Edit

The ship uses Turret-mounted zetta-Quantum Railgun's as weapons. The railguns are mounted on a small turret and shoot a special quantum particle known as a zetta-particle.

defense Edit

It uses a Mk I Neophasic defence drone as defense. It is the first incarnation of it's kind it uses a new way of generating a shield in phases (neophasic) defence drone.

engines Edit

the ship uses an aluminium degenerator drive as STL and a Metafrásate-aftíntin prótasi mega hyperwormhole enterer as FTL.