The zerza-class rocket ship is a ship that was designed by The united jetto alliance of mero to evacuate their planets during 'the eht fo war'. Which is a giant conflict between The united jetto alliance of mero and the eht fo.

weapons Edit

The ship uses a group of Ameth particle emitters as weapons. These guns emmit a powerfull amount of aleth radiation stored in subatomic particles to do enormous damage to small and especially unshielded ships.

defense Edit

The ship uses a Anshur particle grid, this is a grid of Anshur particles to stop almost any weapon from hitting the ship, is however not strong enough to last very long.

engines Edit

The ship uses a oreh drive as STL, which is used to get it of a planets surface and a very powerfull esre-vinu engine as FTL, this engine creates a space-time vortex to suck the ship to it's destination.

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