The wualb planetary protection satellite is a type of orbiting satellite designed to protect planets. The satellite is actually designed to keep people (slaves) on a planet and keep ship of.

weapons and defense Edit

weapons Edit

the ship is armed with only 1 plasma canon on the 'bottom'. It launches a plasma bolt at the target.

defense Edit

The ship uses a weak electron shield this shield simply uses a concentration of electrons in order to stop weak canons.

special Edit

The satellite also has a powerfull scanner (see picture) which looks like a red light in order to scan for ships.

It also has a energy shield generator, this is not used to protect the satellite but it's used to stop enemy ships and weapons from hitting the planet, this shield is powerfull enough to stop a ship moving at 50% light speed.From left to right

1) A hole in the generated shield

2) closing the shield

3) above the planet Morovis