The werlia drive is a way of FTL travel with the use of werlia particles. The engine begins by firing 12 spheres of pure energy, who come closer and closer when they collide they create a wormhole through which the ship is sucked. When it reapears 12 spheres of energy expand and after the ship appears the contract again showing an imense amount of werlia particles.

benefits Edit

It is a very fast way of transportation. A ship that is in FTL can not be attacked in contrast to most other FTL drives. The drive doesn't require a big drive so it can fit on small ships.

disadvantages Edit

The drive creates a large amount of static energy which must be released as soon as possible. The drive is difficult to opperate when affected by large amount of gravity. Random fluctuations can cause the exit to move randomly, the longest distance between the planned and actual exit that is recorded was almost 1 Ly.