The Tsiokovsky fromula named after the discoverer of the formula the Russian scientist Leonov Tsiokovsky. De formula can be used to calculate the distance spacetime will move in a given time in a given area. Although originally it was not believed by the scientific community because many of the factors where yet unknown or incalculable but the formula was eventually used and one of the reasons humanity was capable of leaving the milky way.

formula Edit

D=V x T^4 / E : c x (G / DM x DE)^P

read: D is equal to V times T to the fourth on E, devided by the square root of C times ,G on DM times DE to the power of P.

  • D = distance spacetime moves (nm)
  • V = volume of the area (nm)
  • T = time (sec.)
  • E = speed of the expansion of the universe (lj/s)
  • C = speed of light
  • G = gravity in the area (1 G = earth sea level)
  • DM = amount of dark matter
  • DE = amount of dark energy
  • P = amount of 'pyramid particles'

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