The Disk is an alien ship that crashed on Antarctica and was the cause that humanity became a space faring civilization.

dimensions Edit

The disk is 890m long, 541m wide and 320m high.

origin Edit

It is unknown from which race or affiliation it is from, but there 2 likely candidates: the Krat'hk'tun and the Wirklashi. Both had similar spaceships, similar technology and both had at some point in history Gaia in their territory and both are extinct (There is evidence as the computer archive of the ship says that "The empire has fallen, we are extinct") and both have similar alphabets and languages.

engines Edit

The engines are a Type IV class aneutronic fusion warp drive. Constructed from Giotunite alloy, it has been reverse-engineered by humans to discover the secret behind interstellar travel. It can climb up to 570 lym (Light Years per Minute) in 100 nanoseconds (hupans where not able to copy it exact their first new spacecraft could go at just 1 lsm (1 light second (300,000 km) per second), only 270 years after the launch of the first new spacecraft humans where able to copy it exactly.