The city of grecay on the edge of the grecay cliffs and the greterel outbound, inside the sea there is the isnormaal island

Sarapis is a tropical world known for its rainforests, beaches, and colorful wildlife. A single continent stretches unbroken around the planet's equator, separating the northern and southern oceans. This continent is teeming with life, as are the oceans. But while this planet is a paradise for its native life-forms, a lack of oxygen and high levels of CO2 make it uninhabitable to humans. The capital of the planet is grecay, a large city with 30 million inhabitants, the center of the city is still with old architecture and not densly populated. The city center is on the edge of the grecay cliffs at the coast of the Ghanas sea, large tall cliffs who on the highest point are 2 km tall, the greterel outbound a strange thin rock pillar conected to the rest of the cliffs by only a very thin natural stone bridge.

The tempel of peace is a temple about 6 km outside the city, this complex is a place where the Frun learn other species to embrace their own peaceful ways.


The tempel of peace