The rasnorix and Stegunus binary planet system is a binary planet system made up of the planets Rasnorix and Stegunus.

rasnorix Edit

Rasnorix is a planet in the Carapin system, it's best known for it's Listran volcanoes (See picture). Rasnorix has only a few large lifeforms, this are the Carnon cow (1 m long) and the Listran lizard (80 cm long) for the rest are there only a few plants, bacteria and some other large creatures. Rasnorix is a very unstable planet scientists think that the planet will likely explode within a few million years, this unstability is the reason the planet is full of lava rivers and Listran volcanoes ( named after Herian Listran the man who discovered the planet). Listran volcanoes are caused by the instability of the planet and eject millions of tons of dust, rock and lava into space, on the entire planet there are just 12 of these volcanoes. They work this way: the lava, dust and rock is ejected because of a gravitational anomaly this ejects pipes of around 10,000 km high. One of the sights are of course the Listran volcanoes other sights are the lava rivers and the colony on planet which discovered how the volcanoes worked.

stegunus Edit

Stegunus is a planet in the Carapin system, it's best known for it's very unstable crust wich causes a large amount of deep ravines with rivers of lava flowing through it, these can be seen from high orbit and even from the science colony on Rasnorix, along with these large lava-rivers there are billions of smaller ones. No life exists on this planet. When Rasnorix will explode it is predicted that the orbit of Stegunus will fall apart and the planet is likely to come closer and closer to it's star, eventually it will be ripped to shreds by the stars gravity and Stegunus will be no more.