The phirosal-class battleship is a gigantic type of spaceship used by the phirosal union. After their planet became uninhabitable they left it and live currently is the 50,000 Phirosal-class battleships.

weapons Edit

The phirosal-class battleship is armed with thousand of plasma canons, neutron, electron and proton torpedoes, dozens of phasers and so on. But the main weapon of the ship is the neutrino mega expanding disk. This weapon creates an expanding disk of neutrinos around the ship easily capable of disintegrating small spaceships and blowing up asteroids.

defense Edit

the phirosal-class battleship is defended by a hypirel particle grid. This grid is made up of Hypi and Irel particles who are capable of blocking most attack with ease but are very weak against nuclear meltdown canons who cause the particles to explode and dalage the ship.

engines Edit

The spaceship uses a revlis engine who uses refrus energy, also known as the power of cosmic because of it's power and abundance as an STL. As FTL the ship uses a Dachttylia drive, more info in the page.