The mustafassians are a race of intelligent mollusks, they are obsed with gadgetry. They evolved to live in discarded shells of other creatures like the Gaian hermit crab. In their current highly industrial society they create shells of their own with special gadgetry. They believe in the all powerful creator named Essaran. Their spaceships are made from the same material as their organic shells, Quatrilium a highly resistant mineral wich is extremely rare in the mily way but is easily found in the andromeda and Zertaal galaxies. They see being without a shell (Duflakin) as an offense to Essaran.

Essaran Edit

Essaran is a god wich would have created the universe along with all the 'Drakili' (Drakili are like small pockets of space wich exist independently from the universe). He would have many Obrilik (they who look) wich would observe everything that goes on in the cosmos.

"Their god is seen as one that does not care for 1 planet and in fact all gods are Essaran" -Drela Kri on the episode about Essaran on a holo-documentary called : 'Alien Gods' .