The Mk 2 qeexer capital ship is a capital ship constructed by the The Hihicklin monarchy, it is used to attack planets and stations.

weapons Edit

The ship is armed with Front-mounted Ion blasters. These blaster shoot ion's in order to disrupt molecular bands and make the power suply of an enemy ship useless.

defense Edit

the ship uses a Mk III Ionic deflector array. Which ionises particles that come into contact with the ship disrupting their molecular bands. It is created by an array of generators. But in contrast to the weapons this shield actually only pushes matter away. It is quite useless against lasers, but these are so weak they are not a real threat.

Engines Edit

the ship uses a torsional osmotic resonance assembly engine as FTL which warps spacetime by osmoticing the torsional particles. and a polaron emitter as STL it emits polaron particles who push the ship forward at a maximum speed of 100,000 km/s (1/3 the speed of light).