A mammoth starfreighter is on of the larger spaceships in the Intergalactic federation's fleet.

The ships are used to defend the borders and to protect entire fleets.

weapons Edit

The ship mostly uses Mega-Proton torpedoes & side-mounted plasma canons. The side-mounted plasma canons are placed all over the ship but almost always in pairs, a thin flat tower with on both sides (side mounted) a plasma canon.

defense Edit

the ship mostly uses Regenerating Energy disperser as defense. The shield diperses almost everything from lasers to plasma. The shield is made of pure energy. The most special aspect of the ship is that when a part of the shield it destroyed it will draw energy from the rest of the shield in order to regenerate the shield.

engines Edit

It uses a ionized gas propulsion drive as STL and a Secluded space bubble drive as FTL how it works is explained in greater detail in the page.