This ship class is used by the skoorg constitutional monarchy, it is an escort ship wich is used to defend capital ships, planets, cargoships and transportships. It was originaly only made on Biloxan II from there the name. This ship is the backbone of the Skoorg fleet.

weapons Edit

it is armed with 2 front-mounted pico-disrupter blasters. These blasters fire a laser wich rips appart molecular bands. It is named disruptor because it also disrupts quantum scanners. Pico comes from it's works at a molecular level.

defense Edit

It has a quantum security shield, this shield defends a ship by using quantum particles like Hyrions and Farkions wich generates a force field that is hard to penetrate with heat or quantum lasers.

engines Edit

This ship uses hydrogen fusion reactor engine wich allows it to travel at 3 light minutes per minute.