A hulan in a Ildeban bubble drive

The ildeban bubble drive is a very strange type of transportation used by over half a million civilizations. The IGF first encountered these in the ildeban system, which is the reason for their name. They are started up by a "generator" which creates a sphere of quantum hyper fluctuations in order to generate a dilensional independent bubble. The bubble gives of a enormous amount of heat which creates a ring of fire like energy. In the middle of the bubble a strange white energy ball is seen, this ball however is not dangerous and can even be entered without causing any harm. The person is located inside the bubble.

Advantages Edit

A person is protected against all cosmic radiation. Can travel at incredibel speeds. Very difficult to aim at.

disadvantages Edit

It costs a lot of energy. Can't be armed and only can hold up to 3 people at once. It also survives for only a few days before degenerating making intergalactic travels impossible.