The Gaian Alliance also known as the GA was the first interstellar goverment from Gaia and also one of the precursors of the IGF. It was followed up by the First Gaian union. This government was an alliance of all human settlements at the time. It had good band ps with the dekub, the first alien contacted (Timeline). It was a primitive government compared to the IGF. It also took ships way longer to get to the systems.

conflict Edit

The GA did only participate in 2 wars:

The dekub-srewon war Edit

This war began when the srewon thought that the dekub making first contact with humans was wrong and would completely set of the balance of the over-sector, eventually. The war lasted 2 years (26-28 AS).

The ertago-GA war Edit

This war was a conflict that only lasted 1 year (29-30 AS) this conflict was against the ertago a race that regularly almost wipes out primitive civilizations for resources. The GA fought against this power and eventually, with help from the dekub they won.