The Fs'san class fighter is a fighter used by the IGF to protect cities against criminals.

weapons Edit

The ship is armed with with 3 canons. The largest of these is a energy pulse canon which launches a strong burst of energy capable of destroying a house in a single shot. The second canon is a simple plasma canon. The third is a powerfull stun electron launcher. This canon launches electrons at its enemy to stun them.

defense Edit

The ship uses a electron shield, this shield is powerfull enough to block almost all handheld weapons and even some smaller stationary weapons. It is incapable of stopping things like granates and bombs.

engines Edit

The ship is designed to operate in a single star system and has therefore only a weak FTL drive (alcubbiere drive) capable of 6c (6 times the speed of light) and a pulsor lift drive as STL capable of going up to 0.1c.