A Xhujufar-class Cruiser using a Front-mounted nanoproton Disperser 

The Front-mounted nanoproton Disperser is a special type of weapon used by several ships trhoughout the universe. This very specail type of weapon fires nanoprotons, these are very small positively charged electrons with a bit of extra mass making them heavier than positrons. These nanoprotons are launched and disperse the shields of an enemy ship. The IGF first encountered this weapon when an unidentified ship (later discovered to be wiskundian in origin) attacked the uss Repulse which was almost destroyed by it, untill the uss Lalo came in and damaged the enemy forcing it to flee the system. The oldest type of this technology was discovered on an empty ship, later being identified to be cursusian in origin. This version of the technology was an impressive 72,300 years old.