The first gaian monarchy was a monarchy and the successor of the First gaian republic and the precursor of the Gaian triumvirate. The monarchy was actually just a stepping stone to the First gaian empire. This is the reason the government only existed for 15 years.

conflicts Edit

The first Gaian monarchy-derell war Edit

This war lasted a full 11 years (95-106 AS) it crippled the first gaian monarchy and almost destroyed the plans to get to the gaian empire. The war was fought against the derell, a group of 4 species who evolved on the same planet and after many wars formed a band, this race was incredibly aggressive and therefore had this large war.

The first Gaian monarchy-Emphel scrimmage Edit

This short scrimmage was against the Emphel, when their homeworld was destroyed by a central star going supernova they fled most of their colonies had already been destroyed and of the few cityships that weren't destroyed 2 fought against a federation fleet of 18 small ships (includding the USS Timothy) in 105 AS.