The gaian empire was the successor of the Gaian triumvirate and the precursor of the Second gaian monarchy. Its was one of the most tyrannical goverments in gaian history but it brought a few new ideas like the Unit and Kredit that are still used today. The empire became a true superpower and made the gaia a true force, controlling 2% of the galaxy might not seem impressive by IGF standards but it is truly a lot. Many of the planets where added by force and this government also saw the only superweapon in the history of Gaia, The Destructor. The empire was eventually destroyed by the frolotikiki alliance.

The destructor Edit

The destructor was a very powerfull superweapon capable of destroying an entire planet in a single shot. The weapon was fired 6 times untill it was destroyed in the battle of the destructor.


The destructor