The dachhttylia drive is one of the stranger FTL drive systems in existence. It is used by only a few ships, including the Phirosal-class battle ship and the frew-class starhopper. The drive first shoots out hilionic rays in a cilinder around the ship which looks like strange green patterns after that a bunch of small ionic hyper pulses are fired in front of the ship, looking lik white lines and eventually these form together and create a spacetime rift which emits constant trinil waves and white light.

advantages Edit

It is a very effective and quick mode of transportation going as fast a 10,000 lj/minute. It is also very difficult to see to where the ship has gone because it does not need to face the direction it needs to go. It is also practically impossible to see that the ship started the procedure untill the green energy is visible after which it only takes about 20 seconds to get to FTL.

disadvantages Edit

It takes a lot of energy to open the rift way more than most other FTL drives. It also gives of an enormous amount of heat capable of burning through ship hulls and shields. It also takes quite a lot of time before you actually go FTL (around 4 minutes) making it impractical if you need to escape quickly. The engine needed for this drive also takes up way more space than normal engines, although this is only a problem in small ships.