Branhuld is a silicate planet

Geology Edit

Branhuld's geological composition is mainly silicon, meaning most of the planet is desert. In volcanic regions, the sand is heated so much it turns to molten glass. Glass volcanos are common and are sometimes coloured due to other sediments in the glass.

Life Edit

Branhuld is home to silicon based life forms, known as the Narvei. Resembling scorpions, they are quadrupedal and possess 5 pairs of limbs. They live in the deserts of Branhuld, and have traded with humans.

geography  Edit

There are a lot of glass volcanoes this glass has a different color depending on the soil.

Sights Edit

The most beautiful attractions on Branhuld are its glass lakes, formed when molten glass ejected from volcanos cools to form lakes. The largest of these is the 'Crystal Lake' it is the size of Texas and has transparent glass at the top and coloured glass at the bottom, at sunset the glass glows in beautiful colours. You can then see the glass at the top becoming orange and at the bottom lighting up, this is so beautiful that is is one of the 20 wonders of the universe. This generates great income for the inhabitants of Branhuld.