This ship is used by the Vranarm brood it is mostly used to defend and attack planets, attack spaceships and stations, it is the backbone of the vranarm fleet.

weapons Edit

It is armed with bicocobolt torpedoes wich emit bico radiation in multiple (co) bolts at a time

defense Edit

It uses Mk III neophasic anti-attack fighters as a defense. This are small droids who can be ejected to form a neophasic shield wich constantly generates new (neo) layers of energy to replace the other ones, when they are ejected they will generate 1 area (a hexagon with 6 droids as vertices) at a time (phasic).

engines Edit

They use a constant neutrino engine wich fire neutrinos is a energy field to gain speed when they land in the energy field they fly back to the engines through 'alley's' and are ejected again by 'catapults'.