Boman-class cruiser are a type of small warship used by the elorden alliance. These green ships are over 12 storeys tall. They have 4 legs which are used when landing.

weapons Edit

The ship uses Giga magnetic turrets. These turrets launch giant magnetic pulses who rip the hulls of space ships appart. These pulses are strong enough to rip the Eiffel tower appart. The ships have 4 of these.

defense Edit

The ship usesa proton deflector shields, these shields generate a field of protons who destabilize the atoms of projectiles but are useless against lasers or energy weapons.

engine Edit

The ships use a helium mega engine as STL spewing heavy helium atoms behind it. But also a black hole drive as FTL, using the black hole to warp space time so hard that FTL travel becomes possibel these black holes ussually have the mass of Diana.