Delta Bravia 4 is a small, flat, muddy planet in the Beta Exura system. There are no oceans, instead much of the surface is covered with a shallow layer of water. A single large moon creates a strong tidal effect, essentially making the entire planet a tidal mudflat. Microscopic plants live in the mud, giving it a brown-green colouration in places. Although most of the planet experiences regular flooding, there are a few places high enough to remain dry. The atmosphere is is mostly comprised of 81% CO2, 12% oxygen and 6% nitrogen. making the planet uninhabitable to humans. The planet is famed for the many terraces that look as though they have been 'carved' into rock faces. An extensive network of caves also exists. While many people insist that these structures are not natural and must have been made by intelligent lifeforms, there is no actual evidence of this. In fact there is no evidence of animal-life ever having existed on the planet besides these strange rock formations. When a nearby inhabited planet suffered a catastrophe, the caves served as an emergency refugee camp. Some of the survivors still live there today.