Amambam-class destroyers where a type of small attack ships (40m tall) used by The J'Kuites federation.

weapons Edit

The ship uses 4 Side-mounted Giga-Antiphoton Railgun on each side (2 bellow and 2 above). These canons fire a gigantic amount of antiphotons, who destroy any atom they come into contact with but will also be destroyed themselves. In order to keep these antiphotons away from the ship they are fired in the same way as projectiles in a railgun.

defense Edit

The ship uses Mk CVI Disruptive repulsor beam these are the 106th type of these. They use a repulsor beam which disrupts any projectile or energy weapon to hit the ship. This shield howerev is weak against spreadings canons who launch thousand of small energy pulses.

engines Edit

The ship uses a exofolaite engine as STL, burning the foliate with Exo (fire in their language) and apair of hyperwave warp prisms as FTL, these engines generate a hyperwave of pure energy which is the used to cover the distance inbetween stars.